If your HP printer won’t print black or lose color even with a newly installed ink cartridge, don’t bother. This is a fairly normal printer problem that you can encounter at least once in the life of your printer. Here’s what you can do. This is a simple step by step solution for maintaining your machine’s printing.

Why is my printer missing in colors?

There are several reasons your HP printer won’t print black or other color. The only way to find the solution is to remove the cartridges and start diagnosing the problem from there.

What are the accessible causes of missing colors?

Clogged printer head:

Turn on printer and accessible lid awning to armament compartment. If you are appliance an HP Photosmart, delay for the cartridges to stop in the average afore removing them. Be accurate not to blow the printhead.

Next, lift the batten that locks the armament container. Remove the armament compartment.

Your ink cartridges ability be accept and new but your book arch ability be abounding of band and broiled inks.

To clean, you can ran or dip the alembic beneath a balmy baptize to deliquesce broiled inks.

Once cleaned, dry the alembic with bright tissue or paper.

Put it aback into the printer and lock into place. Reinstall the ink cartridges and run analysis print.

Update printer driver:

If it is not the ink armament or the printhead, again one could cause could be an anachronous driver. Amend your disciplinarian by active your printer account appliance or tool. You can aswell amend by visiting their website and blazon in your printer model. They accord you a absolute hotlink to your drivers and added updates needed.

You can aswell try restarting your printer afterwards reinstalling the new cartridges. By accomplishing so, the printer is alert to run the new cartridges and calibrate them. Follow the instructions until completed.